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Written by Michael Barton   
Sunday, 29 March 2009 19:52

Surat-Al-Annam 3-29

V. 67

This verse has all the explanation for why things happen in creation- Every event has a designated time. Our problem is that we want the events to happen when we say, and we get impatient we act as though we want to run the universe, but Allah (SWT) is in control.

For example: We say when will Muslims unite? We say everything is in place why isn’t it happening? Then we think maybe we’re bad, maybe we’re not deserving of the help of Allah (SWT). Everything must happen at its proper time in order for things to work, if we try to merge in traffic at the wrong time it will cause a disaster, we must merge at the proper time, so too is the uniting of the Ummah.

Example 2: Musa and the Children of Israel. Musa was one of the greatest leaders of all time, and he did all that he could, but things still didn’t go as they should have. When they arrived to their land Musa (AS) told them all you have to do is “knock at the door” and Allah (SWT) would give them the land, but they refused. It didn’t happen until Yeshua (Joshua) led the people and they took the land, not because he was a better leader than Musa (AS) but it was time for it to happen.

Example 3: Raising the children, the Prophet (S) said 7 years to let them play, 7 years to discipline them and 7 years to befriend them. We try to force kids into things ahead of their time or sometimes we try to hold them back from their time.

Change- When we try to change things at the wrong time it won’t work. For example we say we want to memorize Qur’an, but we are busy with school, and work so we don’t meet our goal. Or the Prophet (S) said the best time of worship is the last third of the night, but if you are exhausted and try to force yourself you won’t get the results you wanted. We have to have proper conditions to get the desired results.

We can see plans being made by governments; five or ten year plans, but they don’t get the results they expect. The plans must have the required ingredients to make the plan work.We must do things the right way at the right time and leave the rest to Allah (SWT).

Example: The Prophet (S) came to the people and they majority of the sahaba were in their twenties. When someone is 20 years old they have a peak of productivity until they are about 60. The Prophet’s(S) goal coincided with the age of the generation of people used to make the plan happen. The Prophet (S) started with people that had some good background to become leaders to spread Islam, they were well traveled and they believed in Allah as the creator. Musa (AS) started from below zero he took people who were oppressed slaves and tried to make them leaders, he never finished although he made progress.

The Prophet (S) when he made Hajj he asked the people do you know what day it is, they said yes the most sacred day, do you know what place this is, they said yes it is the most sacred place, he then proceeded to tell them the Deen is completed (mission completed). Those who are present must carry the message to those who are absent (other places and future generations).

Last week we talked about the remaining Caliphs that are prophesied in the Hadith and even in the Bible to come. Does this mean we should just wait around for them and do nothing, NO! We must exert our efforts as much as we can until the time for success comes. Just as Ramadan cannot be done in another month so too can things not happen until their appointed time.

 All the other “ism’s” communism, fascism, capitalism, secularism etc. have had their turn at world dominance Islam’s turn is coming according to the Qur’an and Hadith. Just like a prescription for medicine must be taken in a timed out manner, so too must things happen at their time.We must have all the required ingredients to make things work, for example Salah has to be at the right time, the right place, and the right intention.

A person showing a lack of interest and motivation about the Deen is due to several factors:

1. We don’t take feedback to improve things, some people get offended when speakers talk at them, the Prophet(S) never said “you” when giving speeches

2. We have a diverse audience that we are trying to reach

3. The people have their own package of problems and stresses that distract them and require their attention

4. Some of the people didn’t make a connection early on and lose interest

5. The setting must be formal, organized and comfortable

6. Everything must be part of socialization to build community; there must be personal interaction between Muslims.

Birth has its time, everything has its own clock, geneticists and biologists now say every cell in our bodies has its own clock for its function. Allah (SWT) says everything in the universe is timed out. We Muslims make a promise and then break it this angers Allah (SWT), even he respects the clocks he sets. When we set a clock (promise) we must follow it/respect it. When we plan, promise, or commit to something we must adhere to it.

Allah (SWT) answers every Du’a, some right away, some things are postponed until its proper time, or sometimes he gives something better instead. Du’a has preconditions if these are met he will answer it, maybe not how we want, but he will give us what is best for us.

We cannot make Du’a for breaking family ties or for hurting people, we should say we have had injustice done to us and we should ask Allah (SWT) to relieve us from the injustice.

If parents make Du’a to ask Allah (SWT) to punish their children Allah (SWT) will answer it. This is if the child is rebelling, they are knocking at the door of hellfire.

Story: A person was dying and the Sunnah is to go to dying people and say the shahada in front of them to get them to say it, the Prophet (S) went to this person and was trying to get him to say shahada, but the man wouldn’t the Prophet (S) asked for the man’s mother he asked the mother “Are you mad at your son?” she said “yes” he said will you forgive him, she said never, the Prophet (S) said then lets make a fire and you (mother) throw him into it, she said I can’t, the Prophet told her that’s what you are doing if you don’t forgive him, so she forgave her son and he said the Shahada.

The Prophet(S) did ask for punishment for a leader who asked for a group of Qur’an memorizers to teach, and when the memorizers showed up they were all murdered, so the Prophet (S) made Du’a to punish the murderers. This was due to their deception.

Today we only partially went through verse 67 because this verse has so many applications to our lives. Time if respected it is a factor of succeeding or failing.  

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